City & Country Wines

I was tasked to create an identity and label design for a wine company from Okotoks. Their name is City & Country, so I decided to execute a very minimal graphical representation of both elements into an identity. Grey vertical lines for city, and green horizontal lines for country. Some of the design accents include changing the ampersand to reflect the type of wine being produced. I extended the vertical/horizontal feel to the website design, while coding an ampersand that does a soft-animated colour change between all three variants (red, pink, off-white)


Big Rock Cider

Big Rock wanted a campaign that showcased the new cans they produced (which I also worked on). They also wanted to highlight the "fresh fruit" or "summer" aspect of it. While some of the original concepts included produce stickers, tan-lines on cans, pop-tops that look like retracting convertible tops, we moved forward with a sliced can with fruit halves inside. I was responsible for the art direction, and working with the 3D modeller to get the best results. I also wrote half of the copy lines we used with the pieces.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 1.10.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 1.10.13 PM.png
BRB-0028-18 20x10 OOH APR42.jpg

Cider Can design

This was the final product through multiple focus groups


These were the creative team and client favourites

I wanted to leverage the colours more than had been previously, and pare back the ornamentation for a bolder look. I also hand drew the typography script on "Cider".


Big Rock "Craft for All"

Here are some of my concepts for a Craft for All campaign that quickly changed. The approved copy line was "Craft for all occasions", so I based the direction off one of my favourite things, opening beer bottles with unusual objects. The rationale behind it was that we wanted to associate more "blue collar" items with craft beer, showing that it could be for anyone, not just hipsters.

NOTE: These were just my sketched comps for internal presentation. They were done on a white background because they were scans.


Calgary Heritage Roasting Company

I've done all their bag design, merchandise, and other collateral for the past two years. Some of the design elements include a hand drawn type system based off their previous brand font. I used a topographic map of the mountain that the partners climbed when they decided to start the company as a texture throughout all their pieces. 

I also put an axe with some trees on the rip label so when the package is opened, it leaves a line of tree stumps.


Big Rock - Ed Said

I worked with another AD on the digital components for the Ed Said campaign. Producing videos for social media, and animating them by translating the feeling of the print ads into the same DIY aesthetic into digital.


Some hand-drawn type examples that I have on my person currently.